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Why AK Financial?

Tax Preparation Service

We take pride of these service because we’re not just entering data into our software if not, we are helping you tax plan for whichever is that you are trying to accomplish in the following year, whether you want to buy a house or any other financial project that you might have, we educate you into doing what is best and what is right for you. 


We love businesses at AK Financial Administration Inc and we are glad to work with them, see them grow, and most importantly help them save money in taxes at the end of the year. 

A good bookkeeping could help your business save thousands of dollars in taxes. We encourage our clients to grow their business utilizing business coaching and goal planning as part of our business programs. 

Our History

Certified Tax Professionals & Bookkeepers

AK Financial Administration Inc has been providing bookkeeping & tax services to the Massachusetts area since 2019.

We offer financial management for a variety of business and personal needs, and are available to handle all of the questions and concerns you may have. It all started out with one client that was willing to let us handle everything for them, from opening their business for the first time to keeping the books organized month to month.

Every since that client challenged us to serve them in this area, we pushed ourselves to learn more and increase our knowledge and experience. That is when we understood our purpose and decided to help not only business owners but individuals in need with their finances. We focus on taking the burden of dealing with expenses and taxes off your shoulders. Working with us will allow you to focus on what matters most. Contact us to see how you can benefit from our excellent services today.